Melania Trump Mocks ‘Princess’ Ivanka in New Book

First Lady Melania Trump reportedly has an icy relationship with First Daughter Ivanka Trump, who she mocks as “princess” for trying to take “center stage” at the White House alongside the president.

According to a Vanity Fair preview by Emily Jane Fox of a new tell-all by First Lady confidante Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff, the President Donald Trump’s wife has not enjoyed the attempts by the president’s eldest daughter to push her to the sidelines through the first term. During an appearance on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House, Fox discussed her early peek at the latest, potentially embarrassing book about the behind-the-scene chaos inside the White House.

“I want you to talk to me about what sounds like an incredibly dysfunctional dynamic between Ivanka Trump,” Nicolle Wallace said. “Mary Trump described in the night after Ivanka and President Trump’s speeches at the convention as sounding like and acting like a ‘co-president.’

“What is so striking is that we really haven’t seen so much about this dynamic, but this book really sheds a light on just how much friction there has been behind the scenes,” Fox said. “I think last week in the convention, you saw this image and this video that went viral of Melania Trump sort of frowning at Ivanka Trump. And what it looked like to me after reading this book is that Ivanka had bypassed her. And it didn’t seen like this was the first time this had happened.”

“This was a relationship that has been strained for years and years and years, where Melania Trump, according to this book, has felt like Ivanka Trump has been this princess who wanted to take center stage, who wanted to co-host meetings and luncheons that were traditionally reserved for the First Lady,” Fox explained. “And she wanted to be a part of them. And what that has left is an extremely bitter taste in her stepmother’s mouth, and a First Lady who has felt like the princess of the United States of America, as she has hoisted herself up to be, has sort taken a position that is inappropriate in Melania Trump’s eyes and behind the scenes, the First Lady was not shy about expressing that to her friends.”

Fox then went on to dispel a false narrative that the First Lady exercises a quite resistance against her husband’s many incendiary policies like his support for the racist Birther conspiracy theory and the draconian family separation at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We know that she was involved in propagating the birther movement for many years,” Fox said of Melania Trump. “We know that she has done virtually nothing to stand up for children who have been held in cages a the border. She has done nothing really to talk substantively about the social movement and the protests that have been happening over the last few months this summer. This is not a woman who is quiet because her husband had asked her to be quiet. This is a woman who believes exactly what her husband believes. So she’s not speaking out against her husband, because she doesn’t feel the need to speak out against him. She would speak out for the policies that he has come out and trumpeted time and time again. So their views are far more similar than people have wanted to believe. And I think a large part of that, and I think that we saw that at the beginning of the administration with Ivanka Trump and people have wised up to it.”

Watch the video above, via MSNBC.

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Originally published: 2020-08-31 17:01:15

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