Bill Maher Brutally Mocks Jerry Falwell Jr. Over ‘Pool Boy’ Sex Scandal


On Friday night, after several months of filming in his luxuriant backyard, Bill Maher returned to the Real Time studio—sans guests, of course.

In lieu of trolling Trump’s wacko QAnon followers, and before welcoming The Daily Beast’s Rick Wilson onto the program, the comedian took a few shots at Jerry Falwell Jr., the disgraced evangelical and former president of Liberty University who is alleged to have enjoyed watching his wife Becki have sex Giancarlo Granda, a young pool attendant at the Fontainebleau hotel in Miami. Initially, Falwell Jr. blamed his wife for the affair before Granda elaborated on the alleged tryst.

“I guess we dodged a bullet there with Hurricane Laura. It hit, but not too bad…I was thinking today, if only Jerry Falwell Sr. was alive to blame it on his son,” cracked Maher, who is notoriously anti-religion.

“But yeah, Jerry Falwell Jr., he’s in trouble,” the HBO host continued. “Apparently, his wife was having an affair with the pool boy. The pool boy. And allegedly—allegedly—he would watch. He says, you know, he did not have sex himself with the pool boy. He’s an evangelical, not a snake handler. But he would allegedly watch from the corner of the room, so at least social distancing was maintained.”

Falwell Jr., who has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump, was initially suspended from his perch at Liberty University when photos emerged of him and a young woman posing with their pants unzipped on a yacht. Curiously, Trump’s former attorney/consigliere, Michael Cohen, says he helped block the release of risqué photos of the Falwells in 2015, just prior to his endorsement of Trump. Granda, meanwhile, has described Falwell Jr. as a “predator.”

Maher closed out his monologue by mocking all the fearmongering at this year’s Republican National Convention, joking, “Jerry Falwell Jr. said, ‘Under the Democrats, you have to watch the pool boy fuck your wife!’”

Originally published: 2020-08-29 00:28:22

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