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Trump grants pardon during Republican convention

Trump has made his first appearance of the night, alongside Jon Ponder, the founder of the nonprofit Hope For Prisoners.

Ponder addressed the convention alongside Rich Beasley, the FBI agent who once arrested him, who Ponder called a “dear friend.”

Ponder and Beasley thanked Trump for his support of Hope for Prisoners, a re-entry program for those who have recently been released from prison.

After the two men spoke, Trump signed a pardon for Ponder.

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Myron Lizner, the vice president of the Navajo Nation, addressed the Republican convention from Shiprock Pinnacle, New Mexico.

“You see our People have never been invited into the American dream,” Lizner said. “For years we’ve fought congressional battles with past congressmen and senators that were part of a broken system that ignored us. That is, until President Trump took office.”

The president of the Navajo Nation, Jonathan Nez, addressed the Democratic National Convention last week.

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The second night of the convention began with an opening prayer from Pastor Norma Urrabazo, who prayed for Jacob Blake and his family.

Blake, an African American father of six, was repeatedly shot in the back by police officers on Sunday, sparking protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Second night of the Republican convention starts

The second night of the Republican convention has now started. Follow along with the blog for updates and analysis as the night unfolds.

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A speaker has reportedly been removed from tonight’s RNC lineup, after it came to light that she reshared an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory on Twitter earlier today.

CNN reports:

Mary Ann Mendoza, whose police officer son was killed by a drunk driver, had been included in a list of excerpts of speakers’ remarks sent by the campaign earlier Tuesday evening. But the latest rundown of speakers sent by the network pool does not have her listed as a speaker.

Mendoza apologized for the original tweet this evening, saying, “I retweeted a very long thread earlier without reading every post within the thread. My apologies for not paying attention to the intent of the whole message. That does not reflect my feelings or personal thoughts whatsoever.”

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Besides first lady Melania Trump, two of the president’s children — Eric Trump and Tiffany Trump — will also address the convention tonight.

Their speeches come one day after the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr, addressed the convention, defending his father’s record on the economy, even though the unemployment rate is currently 10.2%.

Senior White House adviser Ivanka Trump also intends to introduce her father before his nomination acceptance speech on Thursday.

The repeated appearances of the president’s family underscores how the convention is becoming “the Trump show” — especially considering Republicans adopted no platform this year.

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Melania Trump to speak at Republican convention tonight

Hello, live blog readers, and welcome to the second night of the Republican National Convention.

The convention kicked off last night with speakers like Donald Trump Jr and former UN ambassador Nikki Haley urging Americans to reelect the president, arguing Donald Trump was the only person preventing America from falling into the hands of socialists.

Donald Trump Jr calls Joe Biden ‘Loch Ness monster’ in Republican convention speech – video

That baseless argument seemed sharply at odds with Republicans’ promises that the convention would focus on sharing an optimistic vision for the future of the country.

First lady Melania Trump hopes to change the tone of the convention tonight, when she delivers her speech from the White House Rose Garden.

An aide to the first lady said that her speech would be “positive and uplifting” and that (unlike her 2016 convention speech) it would be entirely her own words.

“I can tell you that every word in the speech is from her,” aide Stephanie Grisham told MSNBC today. “It’s very authentic and it’s going to come from the heart.”

The second night of the convention will kick off in about half an hour, so stay tuned.

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