Trump Complains About Chris Wallace Interviews

President Donald Trump complained once again about Fox News’ Chris Wallace talking to Democrats on Sunday, accusing the Fox News Sunday host of bias in grilling his chief of staff but supposedly going easier on a Joe Biden ally.

Wallace opened by asking Meadows for the president’s reaction to the secret recordings of his sister Maryanne Trump Barry calling him out for lying and lack of principles. He questioned Meadows a bit on the president’s tone ahead of the RNC convention and confronted him on issues pertaining to mail-in voting and Trump’s suggestion about sending law enforcement to the polls, “which you know from our history, is an old tactic that has been used, especially in the South, as a form of voter suppression, especially against minorities.”

Wallace also confronted Meadows about the president’s tweet attacking the “deep state” at the FDA, but things didn’t really get that heated until Wallace closed by asking whether Trump would disavow QAnon. Meadows went on a tirade blasting the media for bringing this up in the first place.

In the next segment, Wallace spoke with Senator Chris Coons about the DNC convention, starting off by asking why Biden didn’t talk about “the alarming spike of violence in our cities.” He brought up “some very troubling numbers” from cities like Portland and Chicago.

He also pressed Coons on why Democrats didn’t talk more about China at their convention and on Biden’s statement that he would be willing to shut down the country again to halt the spread of the coronavirus if scientists recommend it.

Wallace — who called Biden’s DNC speech an effective one — asked Coons, “It was a prepared speech and he was reading from a teleprompter. Sometimes when he is speaking off-the-cuff gets tangled up in his words and sometimes he loses his train of thought. Why is that?”

The president was clearly watching the FNC re-airing of the program in the 2 pm hour, and he took to Twitter to go after Wallace yet again:

Trump also tagged OANN as he said, “Actually, I think I’m leading in the Polls! ”

You can watch both of Wallace’s interviews above, via Fox News Sunday.

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Originally published: 2020-08-23 18:58:05

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