The GOP Is Getting Its Own ‘Squad’—of Racist, QAnon-Loving Nutballs

Meet the GOP’s version of “The Squad”: Anti-Muslim bigot Laura Loomer; anti-LGBT, Christian sharia-law-loving Bob Good; QAnon supporter/anti-Muslim bigot Marjorie Taylor Greene; and Madison Cawthorn, who surrounds himself with white supremacist symbols and called visiting Hitler’s vacation home something on his “bucket list.”

All four of these people recently won their respective GOP primaries for Congress, and it’s expected that three of the four (all but Loomer) will win in November. As I’ve written before, Trump is not an aberration, he’s a manifestation of everything the GOP has been working toward for years. And this new wave of Republicans is the true face of where today’s GOP is heading.

Let’s be blunt: If GOP leaders really didn’t want people like this as elected officials, I’m sure we would hear them denouncing these people loudly on Fox News and talk radio the same way they slam other things they hate, like Obamacare. Their silence—except for the usual suspects of Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse and a few others—speaks volumes.

Originally published: 2020-08-23 09:12:30

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