RNC Mocked For Announcing They’re Abandoning Party Platform

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Social media erupted with mockery Sunday after the Republican National Committee announced that they were abandoning any efforts to debate, update, or adopt an official party platform at the Republican National Convention, which kicks off Monday, deriding the decision as the latest example of the GOP’s sacrifices of their principles to a Trumpian cult of personality.

The decision was announced in a resolution released by the RNC on Sunday, and cited how the party had “significantly scaled back the size and scope” of the convention due to the pandemic, and so the 2020 convention would adjourn without adopting a new platform. Instead, the RNC “will continue to enthusiastically support the President’s America-first agenda.”

“All platforms are snapshots of the historical contexts in which they are born, and parties abide by their policy priorities, rather than their political rhetoric,” the resolution said, going on to say that if the Platform Committee had met, it “would have undoubtedly unanimously agreed to reassert the Party’s strong support for President Donald Trump and his Administration.”

The resolution also made several swipes at the media for “outrageously misrepresent[ing] the implications” of the RNC skipping the whole platform process.

Twitter blithely ignored the RNC’s scolding and had an absolute field day mocking the party, especially coming on the heels of the news that the convention’s key note speakers primarily consisted of people who share a last name with President Donald Trump. Many, many tweets criticized the Republican Party as having dissolved into a cult of personality.

For your entertainment, we’ll leave you with Living Colour’s 1988 hit, “Cult of Personality.”

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Originally published: 2020-08-24 02:44:08

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