Chris Cillizza Accuses Trump of Rushing Convalescent Plasma

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CNN political commentator Chris Cillizza accused President Donald Trump‘s administration of pushing the FDA to fast-track convalescent plasma treatment to give Trump good news on the eve of the Republican National Convention.

“Remember the deep state that Donald Trump alleged in the Justice Department? That was run by his Attorney General Jeff Sessions,” Cillizza told CNN host Wolf Blitzer  on Sunday, moments after Trump announced the FDA’s emergency action. “[FDA Commissioner] Steve Hahn is the appointee of Donald Trump. Barack Obama didn’t make these appointments.”

“Unless it’s really deep, Wolf, in the sense that they fooled him into believing they were for him, he picked them — it breaks down like a lot of Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories, breaks down with a scintilla of digging, right?”

“He is looking to play politics,” Cillizza added. “The only way to change that narrative is to either shift the blame that this is about politics, or find a way to a vaccine or a treatment that is effective. Now Donald Trump is not a scientist so he’s not going to be able to up with a vaccine.

“He is not going to be able to prove in a scientifically sound way that convalescent plasma is the right way to go,” Cillizza continued. “He has a limited number of tools. This is one of them.”

Cillizza went even further concluding that the emergency FDA order was simply a political stunt egged on by the Trump administration adding, “And why are we announcing something before we’re certain of it? Because of politics. Because the national convention happens tomorrow and Donald Trump needs some good news. There is just a direct correlation between those two announcements.”

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Originally published: 2020-08-23 23:16:56

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