Jake Tapper: Trump Shows a Profound Lack of Empathy But Praises ‘Bigots and Conspiracy Theorists’ Who Support Him

CNN’s Jake Tapper ended Sunday’s State of the Union calling out President Donald Trump for showing a serious “lack of empathy” while embracing conspiracy theorists who support him.

Tapper noted how the DNC convention focused on Joe Biden’s empathy as a contrast to Trump, particularly in a moving speech from 13-year-old Brayden Harrington, who talked about the confidence and reassurance he received from Biden about his speech impediment.

“Roughly three million Americans battle stutters,” Tapper said, “and whether or not you’re going to vote for Joe Biden, it’s empirically a positive thing that his rise has given so many of our fellow Americans confidence and inspiration, as opposed to how President Trump talks about the neurological problem if he can use it to attack Joe Biden.”

he showed a clip of Trump mocking Biden’s way of talking and how he “can’t get the words out,” along with comments from Lara Trump saying, “Every time he comes on stage and they turn to him, I’m like, ‘Joe, can you get it out? Let’s get the words our, Joe.’ You kind of feel bad for him.”

“The president’s lack of decency, his lack of humanity seems to inspire our fellow Americans who battle that affliction: the propensity towards cruelty.”

Tapper went on to blast Trump’s praise of “bigots and conspiracy theorists” like Laura Loomer and supporters who believe in the QAnon conspiracy.

“This isn’t a joke. Those inspired by this QAnon nonsense have actually killed people, kidnapped people, they’ve been arrested on their way to commit other acts of mayhem. The FBI considers QAnon a potential domestic terror threat, so why would the president express support for Loomer or for adherents of QAnon while mocking those who have disabilities?” Tapper continued. “Well, one theory is that the president’s view of the world is entirely through this lens of whether or not you support him. Hence his reluctance to condemn people who support him and subscribe to heinous beliefs. There’s a long list of them. And his apparent lack of empathy for people who oppose him, no matter what challenges they may face — be they disabilities or a stutter or the loss of a loved one in combat or whatever.”

Tapper noted that there are certainly plenty of other factors that go into people’s decision-making on election day, but said “it’s pretty clear there’s a profound empathy and decency gap between President Trump and Joe Biden.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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