Bill Maher Relentlessly Trolls Trump’s QAnon Nuts: ‘I Am Q’


On Friday night, one week after his network-mate John Oliver dove into the paint thinner-huffing absurdity of QAnon, a conspiracy theory positing that a secret agent named Q is dropping knowledge online about how Trump is waging a covert war on a cabal of elite Hollywood and Democratic Satan-worshipping, baby-eating, child sex-trafficking pedophiles that extract the fear of children for a drug they’re fiendishly addicted to called Adrenochrome (or the plot of the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc.), Bill Maher joined in on the insanity.

“Now that Republicans have begun welcoming QAnon into the political mainstream, it’s time Americans learn what it is,” the Real Time host explained. “QAnon is a growing movement within the Republican Party that believes the world is being run behind the scenes by a small group of elitist liberals and Hollywood celebrities who are both Satan-worshippers and pedophiles who eat babies and wear red shoes to signal their membership in this group. A group that includes Hillary Clinton, Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres, the pope, and every president since Reagan.”

The reason the HBO comic dove into this weirdness is because the Republican Party all but elected their first QAnon candidate to Congress in Marjorie Taylor Greene, a racist conspiracy theorist representing Georgia’s heavily red 14th congressional district. To make matters worse, President Trump not only cheered on her primary win but embraced the QAnon crowd, calling them people who “love our country.”

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