Trump Defends QAnon During White House Press Briefing: ‘I’ve Heard These Are People That Love Our Country’

President Donald Trump launched into a bizarre defense of believers in the QAnon conspiracy theory on Wednesday during a White House press conference, commenting, “I’ve heard these are people that love our country” and “I understand they like me very much.”

After being asked about his thoughts on QAnon and what he would “say to people who are following this movement right now,” Trump said, “Well, I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate, but I don’t know much about the movement.”

“I have heard that it is gaining in popularity and from what I hear, these are people that when they watch the streets of Portland, when they watch what happened in New York City in just the last six or seven months — but this was starting even four years ago when I came here, almost four years, can you believe it? — these are people that don’t like seeing what’s going on in places like Portland, and places like Chicago, and New York, and other cities and states,” he continued, adding, “And I’ve heard these are people that love our country and they just don’t like seeing it.”

“So I don’t know really anything about it other than they do supposedly like me and they also would like to see problems in these areas, like especially the areas that we’re talking about, go away, because there’s no reason the Democrats can’t run a city, and if they can’t, we will send in all of the federal, whether it’s troops or law enforcement, whatever they’d like,” Trump declared. “We’ll send them in, we’ll straighten out their problem in 24 hours or less.”

The reporter then pointed out to Trump that at the heart of the conspiracy theory “is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.”

“Does that sound like something you are behind?” she asked.

Trump responded, “I haven’t heard that but is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing? You know, if I can help save the world from problems, I’m willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there, and we are actually. We’re saving the world from a radical left philosophy that will destroy this country and when this country is gone, the rest of the world would follow.”

Last week, Trump doubled down on his praise for Marjorie Taylor Greene — a QAnon-supporting Republican congressional candidate who had recently won her primary.

“She did very well in the election, she won by a lot. She was very popular, she comes from a great state, and she had a tremendous victory, so absolutely, I did congratulate her,” he said.

Watch above via Fox News.

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