‘He is Talking About His Supporters’: Kayleigh McEnany Defends Trump Over Embracing Remarks for QAnon Believers

Fox News’ Sandra Smith pressed White House Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday over President Donald Trump’s winking at people who buy into the QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

During an interview with McEnany for America’s Newsroom, Smith raised the criticism Trump has received for speaking positively about the wacky online cult. When asked if the president supports QAnon, McEnany dismissed the question, said “I never heard the president mention” the group, and claimed the media exaggerates their significance.

Smith followed up by noting how Trump told reporters that he has heard of QAnon and called them “people that love our country.”

“He is talking about his supporters,” McEnany responded. “He believes his supporters are good hard working people that love this country. He is not in the business of basket-of-deplorable politics.”

“Does he want the support of that group?” Smith asked.

“He doesn’t even — he has not at all looked into who QAnon is,” McEnany claimed. “He is focused squarely on the American people, not some group on the internet or out there that the media tends to focus on far more than we believe is merited.”

From there, Smith invoked a 2019 FBI memo warning that QAnon believers are potential “domestic extremists,” and she reiterated that Trump characterized those people as “people that love our country.”

Watch McEnany’s response to that above, via Fox News.

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