CNN New Day Rips Trump for Praising QAnon: The FBI Calls Them ‘Dangerous,’ And He Thinks They’re ‘Patriotic’

On Thursday, CNN New Day tore into President Donald Trump for winking at and praising the adherents of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

In his latest White House press briefing, Trump claimed ignorance of the online fringe cult before speaking about it in positive terms, since they support him and “I’ve heard these are people that love our country.”

Trump also chose not to shoot down the movement’s preposterous claims that he’s at war with politicians and A-list celebrities engaged in child sex abuse, cannibalism, and devil worship.

“The President of the United States has validated, praised and maybe now even inspired a group about which the FBI has issued dire warnings,” John Berman said on Thursday morning. “An FBI bulletin states that QAnon’s anti-government, identity-based and firing political conspiracy theories are likely to motivate some domestic extremists to commit criminal, sometimes violence activity…That is what the president, I guess now, considers patriotic.”

As Berman outlined the insanity of QAnon and noted numerous conservatives who’ve denounced the following, he stressed that “the FBI considers this bad and dangerous,” and “now the question is, as we head into the Republican Party convention, will the party as a whole have the courage to condemn what the FBI says is a dangerous fringe group?”

Alisyn Camerota also got in on this by noting the connection between QAnon and Pizzagate, a similar collective of discredited conspiracy theories that caused a DC pizzeria to be threatened by a rifleman years ago.

“It’s not just that they talk about it,” she said. “It’s that it does translate to violence and action. We’ve already seen it.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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