Trump Roundly Condemned for His Winking Embrace of Toxic QAnon Conspiracy Theory: ‘Welcome to the GQP’

QAnon Conspiracy Theory

Photo credit: Scott Olson, Getty Images.

A bipartisan chorus of outrage rippled across Twitter on Wednesday night after President Donald Trump gave a not-so-subtle embrace of the toxic and anti-Semitic QAnon conspiracy theory.

At his daily White House press briefing, Trump was asked by a reporter about the QAnon online phenomenon, which pushes absurd myths about pedophilia and child sacrifice and that the FBI has warned is a potential domestic terror threat. After professing ignorance about the conspiracy theory, Trump noted that its adherents strongly support him and blithely noted that their flattering (but factually-absurd) claims about his presidency sounds like a “good thing.”

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s spokesperson was quick to compare Trump’s comments to his “very fine people” about the neo-Nazi protests in Charlottesville and condemn the tacit acceptance of QAnon as “giving voice to violence.”

Numerous conservatives sounded off as well, echoing the condemnation from George W. Bush’s former campaign architect, Karl Rove. And they were far from alone:

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