John Oliver Exposes Trump’s Kamala Harris Birtherism and the Absurdity of QAnon


On Sunday night, John Oliver returned to the Last Week Tonight desk after a few weeks off to tackle the biggest news of late.

“The big news was Kamala Harris being announced as Biden’s running mate—a decision that sent conservatives scrambling for attack strategies, from claiming it’s an ‘extreme, far-left’ ticket—which it absolutely isn’t—to a baseless accusation that she may not meet the citizenship requirements to hold the office despite being very much born in the United States,” said Oliver. “It’s a depressing resurgence of birtherism, so of course Trump jumped all over it.”

Yes, in a press conference this week Trump signal-boosted a completely unsubstantiated Newsweek op-ed—by a man who lost to Kamala Harris in the race for Los Angeles County District Attorney—that questioned Harris’ citizenship and VP requirements (though the same author defended Ted Cruz’s requirements, even though he was born in Canada and Harris was born in California).

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